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ezattend Punch Time clock bundle Time Tracker for Employees + 50 time cards + card rack

ezattend Punch Time clock bundle Time Tracker for Employees + 50 time cards + card rack

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ezattend Punch Time Clock, tailored for small businesses seeking a simple yet effective attendance tracking solution.

Say goodbye to complicated manual time cards and hello to effortless clocking with our user-friendly clock-in machine. Designed for small businesses, our Punch Time Clock offers straightforward functionality without the need for complex setups or automation.


  • Simple yet effective attendance tracking solution: Check the video attached with the pictures to see how ezattend is simple to set up and get ready for your small business time attendance system time cards for employees. We made it simple for small businesses to operate this time clock.

  • Ready to use.

  • Automatic Card Feed System: The ezattend start features an automatic card feed system, making it a perfect time card machine for your small business. Employees no longer have to manually feed time cards, thus saving time and improving efficiency.

  • Auto Alignment Feature: Our time clocks for small businesses come with an auto-alignment feature, eliminating the chance of errors.
  • Employee Time Clock: The clock-in and clock-out machine for employees is crucial to your business operations. The ezattend starting kit time clock for employees ensures accurate and consistent recording of work hours.

  • Efficient Time Management: The ezattend punch clock for employees easily tracks start times, break times, lunch times, and finish times. It has 50 Timecards, one extra Ribbon, and two Security Keys. Wall-mount hardware is included.

  • Use it mounted on wall or on a table.




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